Enhancer Pink Sticker Hourglass Shape Waist Trainer Super Comfy

SKU: MT200055-PK1 Weight About: 0.16 kg
Material: 100%Cotton

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  • White
  • Pink


  • M
  • L
  • XL


Stock (All: 200pcs.)

If you've just delivered your little baby, this Enhancer Pink Sticker Hourglass Shape Waist Trainer Super Comfy can help you recover quickly.

It Features:

1. Professional sticker: strong stickiness, firm and not deformed, portable and not falling off;
2. Three-stage adjustment: one for fixing stomach, two for tightening abdomen and three for preventing sagging;
3. Skin-friendly fabric: sweat-absorbing and breathable cotton material, soft and no deformation, comfortable and non-binding;
4. Anti-slip edge design: fine edge locking, the suture is tight and fits the skin without curling.

  • CM
  • Inch

size waist
M 65-80
L 80-90
XL 90-105

size waist(Inch)
M 25.6-31.5
L 31.5-35.4
XL 35.4-41.3

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