Tummy Control Zipper Front Plus Size Latex Shapewear

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Tummy Control Zipper Front Plus Size Latex Shapewear

The Tummy Control Zipper Front Plus Size Latex Shapewear offers you the best breathability and shape, while providing a firm control. The compression along with the latex material increases sweat production to contour and mold your waistline to its desired shape. Wear daily, postpartum, after surgery or for more support after injury. Features: Very breathable fiber and very suitable for summer, breathable and comfortable. Shoulder straps adjust in length for a customized comfortable fit. Latex body shaper with extra firm control. Front zipper helps flatten your midsection and makes sure you get a good secure fit.

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Size Underbust Waist Hem
XS 68 57 76
S 68 57 76
M 76 65 84
L 80 69 88
XL 84 73 92
XXL 88 77 96
3XL 92 81 100

Size Underbust Waist(Inch) Hem
XS 68 22.4 76
S 68 22.4 76
M 76 25.6 84
L 80 27.2 88
XL 84 28.7 92
XXL 88 30.3 96
3XL 92 31.9 100

2019-08-27 11:11:11

LB60623 ’ve been wearing this waist trainer for 2 days now and I’ve been finding it very comfortable. I actually ordered it after having a hysterectomy and my doctor suggested I get a compression garment for my belly. I ordered this bodysuit so I could get compression in my lower abdomen. The first day, it was a little uncomfortable because I didn’t have the crotch opening adjusted properly. After I pulled the whole crotch area back this morning and tucked in my girlie-parts, everything stayed in place, with no additional adjusting. It’s been very comfortable and the fabric is nice and soft. My only complaint is that since I am personally a little short waisted, it binds just a little under my breasts when I’m sitting. It measures about 16” from crotch to bust. The sizing chart is accurate. My waist is 32 and my hips are 40, so I ordered the XL. I’m overall very happy with the feel and quality construction. Next, I’d like to try a corset that will really help shape my waist as I continue to reduce the weight.
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2019-06-27 11:11:11

LB60623 From my wife: "So far, my experience has been good for the most part. I love the way it slims out my body so my figure is more noticeable. There are two downsides to this particular shapewear...when wearing it with the straps on, they rub against my skin at the front of my under arm and it chafes it pretty badly. However, the straps can be removed but then it causes it to slip down a bit. Ways that I get around this is wrapping the straps around my bra. It keeps the shapewear up a little and won't chafe. Secondly, I know that it has access on the bottoms to "easily" go to the restroom, however, it is not that easy. If I could make a suggestion, I would say that the bottoms are attached by zipper or clips so they could easily be pulled all the way down for a more satisfactory experience of using the restroom while wearing it. Overall, I am very happy with this product.



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