Staple Vehicle UV Germicidal Lamp With Battery

SKU: QM205312-01 Weight About: 0.10 kg
Material: Aluminum

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Stock (All: 200pcs.)
1. It is made of quartz material, with long service life, high light transmittance and better sterilization effect.
2. Effective on air and surface bacteria and viruses, sterilizing without dead ends, killing the virus more thoroughly.
3. UV + ozone can kill bacteria and viruses within minutes, and the efficiency is as high as 99.99%. Low density ozone, please use at any time. If you are allergic to perfume and cannot use an indoor deodorant, it will help you by eliminating any perfume odor from the air.
4. Rechargeable, portable, USB powered, can be used anywhere.
5. It can be used in refrigerators, cars, bedrooms, kitchens, shoe cabinets, toilets, toilets, baby rooms, pet rooms and other small spaces.

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